Are you a broadcaster?

If you are a communications channel and you are interested in raising your audience numbers and convert your properties into cash providers, we have good news for you…

We know the medium and we know how to get the best out of it. We are capable of significantly increasing audience numbers for existing programmes and of creating new transmedia formats which can connect with the audience, and to create new income streams.

Services for communications media and broadcasters

  • Development of strategies

    Development of strategies for the creation of properties which are attractive sales prospects both nationally and internationally, starting with the programmes that they are currently broadcasting or producing.

  • Maximisation of income

    Maximisation of income from the programmes themselves.

  • Return on their asset

    Achieve a return on their assets, whether it is through the exploitation of their international channels, international marketing of the programmes, internet portals or mobile services.

Nottingham Forest’s vision: Media Cooperation

The virtuous circle: the brand should be seen as a solid property, with high audience levels, generator of income and efficient in the use of airtime.

  • You have to have an emotional reaction to the brand to understand it.
  • You have to understand the programming strategy and the target for each medium well in order to achieve optimised distribution.
  • Keep the licensees in line with the different media and carry out business activities – regarding communication and PR – at the ideal moment.
  • Once everything is working like a well-oiled machine, provide continued help – you are not there just to sell.