Are you a developer?

If you are an entertainment project developer we can do a great deal for you and your project…

We are a commercial and marketing agency specialising in entertainment properties.

Regardless of the stage of development of your project – whether it’s just an idea or an established product – and at which medium it is aimed – TV, internet, mobiles, videogames, live shows etc – if your project is capable of entertaining, we are interested.

Working alongside you, we will develop a strategic plan to convert it into a universal, profitable and long-lasting brand.

And we will do so with all our heart and motivation because we are also incubators of entertainment IPs. We are stakeholders. It is the best way of demonstrating our commitment to the IP and to involve ourselves in every stage of the brand’s development – from its conception up to its financing, distribution, production and international marketing.

Modus Operandi

  • Brand Evaluation

    We undertake a diagnosis which tells us at which point we are within the entertainment market.

    • Current positioning
    • Target
    • The Competition
    • Potential
  • Transmedia Planning Strategy

    Together we will define where we want to reach and through which media:

    • Design of the brand’s roadmap
    • Analysis of repositioning needs
    • Adaptation to different channels and advertising means (TV, internet, mobiles etc.)
    • Finance model
  • Marketing Plan

    We will ensure that your brand reaches its target, creating unique experiences through a transmedia strategy:

    • Adaptation for TV (formats, continuity, promotion)
    • Social Marketing in the main social networks
    • Street Marketing, events and shows
    • On-line and off-line PR
    • Mobile Marketing and apps
  • Commercial Plan and Financing

    • National and international commercialisation of broadcasting rights, licensing and   merchandising.
    • Execution of financing plan and search for new income sources
    • Winning of advertisers and sponsors