Are you an advertiser?

If you are an advertiser and are interested in connecting with your audience through an entertainment experience, read on…

We are an Advertainment and Branded Content agency.

Our understanding of new technologies and the audiovisual media allow us to create strategies which allow brands to reach their target using entertainment content.

Either by getting the brand to form a part of a piece of content, or our products, or creating ad hoc, made-to-measure projects, we can help you to connect directly with your target audience through different channels and advertising methods (TV, internet, social networks, mobiles, etc).

Nottingham Forest pledges its commitment to a means by which brands can reach their audience through entertainment. We are talking about advertainment.

Advertainment y Branded Content

We are going through a period of uncertainty in the world of publicity in which both agencies and advertisers are questioning the effectiveness of traditional forms of advertising.

And quite rightly. The change in consumer habits regarding audiovisual products, audience fragmentation, the introduction into our lives of other display screens beyond that of the TV (mobiles, internet, consoles, etc), the new ways we relate to each other and obtain information through social networks, among others, forces us to constantly reappraise the most efficient ways to successfully connect with our target audience.

Conscious of the changing landscape, we support a means of bringing brands to their audience through entertainment.

Advertainment according to Nottingham Forest

Allows the brand to form a part of, and add significant value to, the content.

  • It is not intrusive; it reaches the target audience in a natural way which is welcomed.
  • It excites and generates confidence, helping the brand to be associated with pleasant experiences, always in line with the intended positioning of the brand.

But, who pays the party?

Nottingham Forest ensures that advertainment marketing actions are able to end up becoming universal, profitable and long-lasting brands. In this case we would not be talking about specific campaigns with beginnings, middles and ends, but rather content designed to last a long time and independently generate income i.e. a self-financing project.