Super 4, PLAYMOBIL’s animated series as Dental Care products

Súper 4

Nottingham Forest, L&M agent of the animated TV series of PLAYMOBIL’s Super 4, in Iberia, has signed an agreement with Laboratorios Kin for the development of Dental Care products.


Super 4, PLAYMOBIL animated series at Foster’s Hollywood Restaurants in Spain


The restaurant chain Foster’s Hollywood has launched a food promotion with the Super 4 animation TV series for their children’s menus in Spain.


Super Wings lands in Portugal


Super Wings premieres in Portugal on April, 1st through the kids leading channel Canal Panda. The series will be broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:00 and 18:00.

Nottingham Forest announces new licensing agreements for Super Wings


Super Wings, one of the most successful series internationally, keeps growing in Iberia. Nottingham Forest has already closed more than 33 licensing agreements in Spain and Portugal.

Super Wings adds new license agreements in Iberia

Super Wings

  The successful animated series “Super Wings” is adding new licensing partners to its crew in Iberia. Nottingham Forest, agent of the brand in Iberia, has closed new agreements for Stationery (K-Stationery and CyP Brands), Personal Care and Bath Products (Nuvaria), Perfumes (Air-Val), Apparel (Ditexmed and Madness) and Home Textil (Adalberto Estampados).

“Mouk” viaja a Madrid, al Centro Conde Duque


La propiedad infantil “Mouk”, que ha llegado a más de 2 millones de niños en España a través de su serie de animación en CLAN, viaja este verano al espacio Cine Garden del Centro Cultural Conde Duque.

New Super Wings license agreements for landing in Iberia


Nottingham Forest, licensing and promotion agent of the animated TV series “Super Wings” in Iberia, has added new licensees to the brand:

Nottingham Forest secures “Super 4” puzzles and board games agreement in Iberia


Nottingham Forest, licensing and promotion agent of the Playmobil animated TV series “Super 4” in Iberia, has appointed to Educa Borras for developing puzzles and board games of the brand. Educa Borras, one of the Toy leading companies in Iberia, is planning to launch first Super 4 products at the beginning of 2017.

“Super Wings” adds licensing partners in Iberia


Spain-based Nottingham Forest, Licensing & Merchandising agent of Super Wings in Iberia, has already closed several licensing deals for the development of the brand’s licensed products.

Nottingham Forest, to represent “Super Wings” in Spain and Portugal


CJ E&M Corporation has signed an agreement with Spanish agent Nottingham Forest, who will manage commercial rights of “Super Wings” in Spain and Portugal.