Nottingham Forest to represent Pantone & Tokidoki in Spain and Portugal

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Madrid, 11th January 2019 Nottingham Forest has reach an agreement with Crazy Bell Agency to manage Licensing rights of the Lifestyle brands Pantone and Tokidoki. Nottingham Forest will search for the best local partners to develop Fashion and Lifestyle products for both brands. Pantone is an iconic brand whose colors matching system has become a […]


Nottingham Forest to represent “Ranger Rob” animated series in Spain and Portugal

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Madrid, 30th May 2018 Nelvana has appointed the Spanish Brand Agency Nottingham Forest, to represent and manage the commercial rights of its preschool animated series “Ranger Rob” in Spain and Portugal. “Ranger Rob” is on air through Clan since the 21st of May and it is aired on Canal Panda Portugal. Nottingham Forest will develop […]


Nottingham Forest secures Safta to develop Paul Frank Industries brand BTS products in Spain.

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Madrid, 22nd May 2018 Nottingham Forest (Agent of Paul Frank in Spain and Portugal) has secured for Saban Brands (Paul Frank brand´s owner) the signature of a license agreement for the brand with the company Safta. Safta, is a leading company of Back to School products in Spain, which will develop Paul Frank collections for […]



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The new online store (link to the store https://hamsta.world/store/) of HAMSTA is now available, with all the product novelties of the hamsters more quirky, rebellious and colorful: t-shirts, sweatshirts, plushies, … both for children and adults. Every month, new references will be incorporated with the main products of each licensee, giving them great visibility along […]


Saban Brands Names Nottingham Forest Licensing and Merchandising Agency for Paul Frank Industries in Iberia


Saban Brands has appointed Nottingham Forest as the Licensing, Merchandising and Promotion Agent in Iberia for the worldwide renowned lifestyle brand Paul Frank Industries. In this partnership, Nottingham Forest will collaborate with Saban Brands to implement a thoughtful licensing strategy including the development and promotion of fashion and lifestyle products for fans of all ages. […]


Nottingham Forest to represent Power Rangers in Iberia


Nottingham Forest today announced Saban Brands has appointed the agency as the Licensing, Merchandising and Promotion Agent for Power Rangers in Spain and Portugal. Nottingham Forest will develop marketing and licensing plans to continue growth for the iconic, global franchise in Iberia. “Power Rangers Ninja Steel” currently airs on Neox Kidz in Spain and SIC […]


Happy Ink’s “Hamsta World” expanding into Iberia through Nottingham Forest


Happy Ink, home of Da Hamsta World, has signed Nottingham Forest as their Iberian agent. Spreading joy in Spain and Portugal. Nottingham Forest and Happy Ink just made sense from the get go. Nottingham not only understands the brand spot on, their entire plan fitted with our own approach in all other territories. With their […]


Saludes Play develops PLAYMOBIL playgrounds in Spain


Saludes Play, specialized manufacturer of playgrounds and street furniture, is developing PLAYMOBIL playgrounds located throughout the Spanish geography. Cities like Alcora, Castalla, Logroño and Valencia, have already their own PLAYMOBIL playground, and there will be more in the following months. This is possible thanks to an agreement with Nottingham Forest, the licensing agent of PLAYMOBIL […]


Super Wings lands at the Hotel del Juguete


Next July 20th, the Super Wings will land at the Hotel del Juguete (Toy Hotel) to inaugurate their unique room in the world. During the opening of the Super Wings room all children will have the opportunity to meet them in person. Become one of the favorite children characters thanks to their success on television, […]


Super Wings Live Shows premiere in Iberia


Creativos Educativos is the Super Wings official licensee to develop Super Wings Live Shows and Workshops in Spain and Portugal. The first event has taken place in the Area Sur Shopping Center in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz, Spain) between the 15th and 24th of June. A themed area allowed kids to do crafts, activities […]