Saban Brands Names Nottingham Forest Licensing and Merchandising Agency for Paul Frank Industries in Iberia


Saban Brands has appointed Nottingham Forest as the Licensing, Merchandising and Promotion Agent in Iberia for the worldwide renowned lifestyle brand Paul Frank Industries.

In this partnership, Nottingham Forest will collaborate with Saban Brands to implement a thoughtful licensing strategy including the development and promotion of fashion and lifestyle products for fans of all ages.

Acquired by Saban Brands in 2010, Paul Frank Industries was born in 1995 out of Paul Frank’s garage in a Southern California beach town and it quickly built a cult-like following. Known for its bright colors, quirky humor and unique sensibility as well as its beloved cast of characters, including the iconic Julius the Monkey, Paul Frank Industries is recognized and coveted by fans around the globe. As Director of Creative Development, Paul Frank himself brings authenticity and whole-hearted sincerity to the brand and is taking it back to its roots of handcraft designs while reminding people to “not forget to never grow up!”

We look forward to partnering with L&M experts Nottingham Forest to continue to grow the global Paul Frank brand in Iberia,” said Stan Wan, Lifestyle Managing Director at Saban Brands.

Laura Garcia Ortega, Commercial Director at Nottingham Forest said: “We are delighted to start partner with Saban Brands on the licensing strategy for the iconic Paul Frank brand. It is our favourite Lifestyle brand ever and we are confident local partners would share our taste and we will have Paul Frank fancy products very soon in Spain and Portugal.

Nottingham Forest was also recently announced as Saban Brands’ L&M partner in Iberia for the global, 25-year franchise, Power Rangers.




Nottingham Forest to represent Power Rangers in Iberia


Nottingham Forest today announced Saban Brands has appointed the agency as the Licensing, Merchandising and Promotion Agent for Power Rangers in Spain and Portugal. Nottingham Forest will develop marketing and licensing plans to continue growth for the iconic, global franchise in Iberia.

“Power Rangers Ninja Steel” currently airs on Neox Kidz in Spain and SIC is the Portuguese broadcaster. The full “Power Rangers” library is available on Netflix.

Created by Haim Saban and premiering in the U.S. on August 28, 1993, “Power Rangers” is one of longest running kid’s live-action series in television history. The series and subsequent movies, including 2017’s feature film with Lionsgate, follows the adventures of a group of ordinary teens who morph into superheroes and save the world from evil. The TV show airs in 150 markets around the world and is translated into numerous languages. As a top ranked action brand for decades with more than 150 licensees globally, the brand is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018 with year-long consumer events, promotions and partnerships.

“Saban’s Power Rangers is a 25-year, evergreen brand that resonates with fans around the world,” said Tim Juckes, VP Consumer Products and Retail, EMEA at Saban Brands. “We look forward to working closely with Nottingham Forest to continue to expand the brand’s presence in Iberia.”

Laura Garcia Ortega, Commercial Director at Nottingham Forest said: “Saban’s Power Rangers is the perfect match for our current catalogue. We have been big fans of the franchise since it premiered 25 years ago and we are very excited about partnering with Saban Brands to support its continued growth in Iberia.



Happy Ink’s “Hamsta World” expanding into Iberia through Nottingham Forest


Happy Ink, home of Da Hamsta World, has signed Nottingham Forest as their Iberian agent. Spreading joy in Spain and Portugal.

Nottingham Forest and Happy Ink just made sense from the get go. Nottingham not only understands the brand spot on, their entire plan fitted with our own approach in all other territories. With their great connections and deep knowledge of the territory, we feel very happy adding them to the Hamsta family and confident about their style of working. According to Jacqueline Hofman, Director International Licensing at Happy Ink.

We are so excited about being part of da Hamsta family. It is a fresh and colorful brand that transmits positivism and we want its License products do the same. Soon we are going to present it to the Spanish and Portuguese markets. We are sure that the Retail and Licensees are going to fall in love with it immediately. We needed a great brand like that for the 6 to 12 years old target so Hamsta comes to take up this place.” According to Laura Garcia, Commercial Director at Nottingham Forest.

For more info on Licensing opportunities, product information or a meeting at BLE, contact us at


Saludes Play develops PLAYMOBIL playgrounds in Spain


Saludes Play, specialized manufacturer of playgrounds and street furniture, is developing PLAYMOBIL playgrounds located throughout the Spanish geography. Cities like Alcora, Castalla, Logroño and Valencia, have already their own PLAYMOBIL playground, and there will be more in the following months.

This is possible thanks to an agreement with Nottingham Forest, the licensing agent of PLAYMOBIL brand in Iberia, with the approval of PLAYMOBIL Iberica.

PLAYMOBIL playgrounds will recreate the most representative scenarios of the brand such as the medieval castle or the pirate ship, creating places where parents and children will be able to share the experience.

PLAYMOBIL Iberica says: “These playgrounds allow both children and adults to enjoy the PLAYMOBIL world. Smiles are shared thanks to a project that allows people feel part of the PLAYMOBIL universe and its play value”.

Meanwhile, Gonzalo Beta-Frigola, Saludes Play Managing Director, adds: “PLAYMOBIL gives us the opportunity to bring the magic of its products to public and private parks for parents and children to play and share the same hobby, creating an added value compared to traditional playgrounds”.

Laura García Ortega, Head of International Sales and Licensing in Nottingham Forest, adds: “With this agreement with Saludes Play we will get to take PLAYMOBIL to the street and to make the brand “playable” in a new way. Spain needed these playgrounds bearing in mind that we are one of the most important markets for PLAYMOBIL worldwide.”


Super Wings lands at the Hotel del Juguete


Next July 20th, the Super Wings will land at the Hotel del Juguete (Toy Hotel) to inaugurate their unique room in the world. During the opening of the Super Wings room all children will have the opportunity to meet them in person.

Become one of the favorite children characters thanks to their success on television, the Super Wings arrive at the Hotel del Juguete in Ibi, Alicante (Spain). From July 20th, kids will be able to sleep in their room surrounded by the friendly Super Wings characters and all their toys and licensing products.

These friendly aircrafts are able to become robots to fulfill their mission of delivering, on time, packages to children from all over the world. The Super Wings room is inspired by their adventures, with character toys and even a tablet with an augmented reality app that will allow children to travel around the world thanks to Super Wings.

To celebrate the opening of the room, the Super Wings Jett, Dizzy, Jerome and Donnie will visit the Hotel del Juguete to show their room to all the children that come to the hotel to meet them from 6pm until 8pm. A very special event in which kids will be the main protagonists, and where they will be able to play, to have a snack and enjoy with their Super Wings friends.

The Hotel del Juguete is a fun and original hotel, where families enjoy playing with new characters and fancy toys like Lego, Invizimals or classic toys such as Pin y Pon, Nancy, Playmobil… Where children have the experience of sleeping surrounded by their favourite toys and their parents relive their childhood. A hotel where children dream that they are the main character in the story.


For more information and / or attend the presentation please contact:

Toy Hotel

96 555 29 45

Reference: Super Wings Event

Limited Places

Advance registration is required


Super Wings Live Shows premiere in Iberia


Creativos Educativos is the Super Wings official licensee to develop Super Wings Live Shows and Workshops in Spain and Portugal.

The first event has taken place in the Area Sur Shopping Center in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz, Spain) between the 15th and 24th of June. A themed area allowed kids to do crafts, activities and a gymkana related to the subject of the series; on the other hand, attendees were able to meet and take pictures with Jett, Dizzy and Jimbo, in addition to enjoy a very special show. Different contests allowed the children to get toys from their favorite series.

Soon there will be new Shows at more cities throughout Spain and Portugal.

This has been possible thanks to an agreement between Creativos Educativos and Nottingham Forest, Super Wings’ Licensing Agency in Iberia.

Creativos Educativos is a producer company of events and shows for children, aimed at a family target. They produce live shows in different formats with the presence of characters led by a speaker, activities, games, dynamic, songs, etc.

Rafael Vázquez, Creativos Educativos’ CEO, says “Super Wings is a Premium brand, and actions that interact with the target in a thematic environment generate the best branding, providing an exclusive experience. Advertising campaigns that shopping centers make are a very important added value to keep the brand alive among our target audience.

Laura García Ortega, Commercial Director of Nottingham Forest, adds: “We were looking forward to the first Super Wings Live Show. Creativos Educativos is a great Event production company and we are confident in their hands Super Wings will be closer to all Spanish and Portuguese children in a way that they will never forget”.

Súper 4

Super 4, PLAYMOBIL’s animated series as Dental Care products

Súper 4

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Super Wings lands in Portugal


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