TVE presents “El Cohete Musical” (The Musical Rocket), a new programme from “Los Lunnis” with Juan “D” and Beatriz


In their recent press release, TVE chose to emphasise the incorporation into Los Lunnis of Juan D and Beatriz, from the children’s musical group Ciudad Arcoiris (Rainbow City), as the highlight of their new series of programmes. Every day, Juan D and Beatriz will take a trip in El Cohete Musical, as the new section is called, to the world of the Lunalunera (Moonymoon) where they will delight the toddlers with their songs and choreography.

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Nottingham Forest presents three Kotoc properties at MIPTV

ottingham Forest reaches an agreement on international brand management with Kotoc

The three cartoon series Champions, Laland and Jokebox have been presented at MIPTV. Nottingham Forest has reached an agreement on international brand management with Kotoc Productions. Champions, Laland and Jokebox. All of them will appear at MIPTV.

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Written in Stone. Nottingham Forest presents a 3D stereoscopic documentary series.

Nottingham Forest reaches an agreement with El Ranchito Imagen Digital and Empty for the management of the documentary Written in Stone.

The historical documentary made in 3D animation, Written in Stone, is being presented at MIPDoc and MIPTV.

El Ranchito Imagen Digital and Empty have entrusted the international management of the animated historical documentary in 3D stereoscope, Written in Stone, to the audiovisual branding agency Nottingham Forest.

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Nottingham Forest launches the programme Ben 10 Challenge: The Labyrinth of Aggregor in May

Some months after the first edition of the programme Ben 10 Challenge, a follow up game show for kids from 7-12 years old called ULTIMATE RACE comes to Boing. This is a Nottingham Forest conception.

This new edition of BEN 10 CHALLENGE consists of 8 programmes of 45 minutes and will be broadcast between May and July 2011. Each week, 4 youngsters continue to put themselves through physical and mental tests related to the Ben 10 series.

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