Sendokai Champions to Feature Wikisen


The animation TV series “Sendokai Champions”, coproduced by Kotoc, TVE and Planeta Junior, has launched Wikisen, the new encyclopedia to discover all the secrets of the series. Wikisen will expand the “Sendokai” experience through 1 minute videos and a new video game.

Wikisen (30×1’): pieces of 1 minute featuring characters and concepts from the series, such as the powers of the Sendokai Warriors, the combat items or the storylines. In addition, each piece asks a question to the viewer which will be resolved at the end of the video. Wikisen has many broadcasting possibilities on TV and Online.
Wikisen Quiz: videogame that will test how much children know about the “Sendokai Champions” universe. The game is available online (through the website of the series and the main broadcasters’ sites) and in form of app, available at Apple Store and Google Play.

The aim of Wikisen is making children feel part of the story by inviting them to participate and discover how much they know about their favorite series. This new content joins the 52 episodes of the action-comedy series which has been sold in over 130 countries.

“Sendokai Champions” (52×12’) follows the adventures of four boys and girls who most save the Earth from the Evil Zorn Empire. Besides transmitting the values of friendship, heroism and fairplay, the series has a strong emotional component that makes children feel identified with the characters and their storylines.

Freddy Córdoba, Director of “Sendokai Champions” has said: “Wikisen opens a new horizon in the Sendokai universe, in which children strengthen their knowledge of the series while they can demonstrate their skills.”



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