“Sendokai Champions” to begin airing in Italy through RAI Gulp


Nottingham Forest has signed a deal with RAI to broadcast “Sendokai Champions” through RAI Gulp, one of the leading TV channels for kids in Italy. Thanks to this agreement, the series will reach Italian children from July 2014.

Italy joins the long list of countries that rely on the potential of “Sendokai Champions”. Currently, the series is broadcast in Spain through CLAN and in more than 50 countries in Latin America via Cartoon Network; soon the series will air in USA through the Saban’s block Vortexx on The CW, in Portugal thanks to Canal Panda and in MENA region on MBC3.

“Sendokai Champions”, co-produced by Kotoc, TVE and Planeta Junior, is an action and comedy series that reaches a wide audience thanks to the potential of its plots and especially to the personalities of its characters, with whom kids indentify themselves quickly. Personal relationships between them, with friends and their relatives, make a difference with other adventure series, giving a strong emotional component to the series that leaves no one indifferent. “Sendokai Champions” has two seasons of 26 episodes of 12 minutes.

Laura Garcia Ortega, Head of International Sales and Licensing of Nottingham Forest says: “The agreement with RAI is a great strategic progress for “Sendokai Champions”, which adds a new territory in Europe. We are confident that, with the fantastic programming and promotion that Rai Gulp will make, we will get that millions of Italian children will be excited about “Sendokai Champions”, as well as in Spain and Latin America”.

Rai Ragazzi Director Massimo Liofredi says:  “Rai Gulp confirms to rely on the potential of Sendokai Champions and we’re confident that, thanks to the action and adventure that characterize the series, it will easily capture the attention of our target audience, especially the male one”.

Rai Gulp forecasts to air “Sendokai Champions” from July with a daily slot.

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