Dulcesol to launch a food promotion with “Sendokai Champions”


Spain-based Dulcesol, dedicated to the pastry and traditional bakery, has recently launched a food promotion with the animated series “Sendokai Champions“.


This action has been possible thanks to an agreement with Enjoy Brand Licensing, Nottingham Forest(worldwide master agent of the series) and Planeta Junior (brand agent in Iberia, France, Italy, Greece, CEE and Turkey).

The promotion is present in Dulcesol’s products “Rounds”, which include in-pack premiums of the main characters. From now on, and until Christmas, kids will find Zak, Cloe, Kiet and Fenzy at major food retailers in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

“Sendokai Champions”, coproduced by  Kotoc, TVE and Planeta Junior, is one of the most successful animated TV series for kids in Spain. The series (52 episodes of 12 minutes) is airing on Clan and will be on-air in prime-time until the end of the year.

Laura García Ortega, Head of International Sales and Licensing in Nottingham Forest said: “Dulcesol is one of the most important food brands in Spain, so we are delighted to join forces with them. Sendokai Champions is the most watched animates series on Clan TV and we are confident all kids will want “Rounds” with their favorite characters as snack.”

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