Nottingham Forest to represent Pantone & Tokidoki in Spain and Portugal

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Pantone logo logo tokidoki_Mesa de trabajo 1Madrid, 11th January 2019

Nottingham Forest has reach an agreement with Crazy Bell Agency to manage Licensing rights of the Lifestyle brands Pantone and Tokidoki.

Nottingham Forest will search for the best local partners to develop Fashion and Lifestyle products for both brands.

Pantone is an iconic brand whose colors matching system has become a global reference. Pantone is the language of Color. Pantone means Color in every language. Designers and architecs from all over the world look at Pantone to be inspired. Pantone breathes elegance, sophistication and simplicity.

Tokidoki is a brand created by the Italian artist Simone Legno and inspired by Japanese culture. Tokidoki means “sometimes” in Japanese. It is composed by several character families very different in terms of desing but in the end very similar as all of them dream of a better world full of Magic and Positivism.

Laura Garcia Ortega, Nottingham Forest Commercial Director adds: “Signing Pantone and Tokidoki brands is for us the consolidation of our turn towards more stable brands from the Design and Art worlds. Both have a special magnetism and we hope Spanish and Portuguese manufacturers will fall in love with them just like us”.


About Crazy Bell

Crazy Bell is a licensing company founded in 2014 by a group of licensing experts to offer valuable services to brand owners, acting as an “internal” licensing department but representing a variable cost for the company based on the results only.

Its management has been operating for 30 years at the highest level of International IP licensing implementing global strategies for brands such as Hello Kitty, Smurfs, Bratz and many others.

Crazy Bell is actively working on worldwide rights (Japan excluded) for Pantone’s branding activities and on EMEA licensing rights for Tokidoki.

About Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest creates brands and successfully converts third party small and large brands into leaders of market profits. We expand the reach of brands on a global scale with a deep knowledge of the content world, publishing, licensing, retail and product development.


Para más información, por favor contacte con nosotros:

Office: +34 91 029 8564

Laura García Ortega, Commercial Director

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