Panini has launched the Virtual Combat Cards Black Edition Collection of “Sendokai Champions”


Panini has launched a new collection of “Sendokai Champions”, which is available at newsstands and stores throughout Spain. The Virtual Combat Cards Black Edition collection contains 180 different cards to collect with unpublished images of the series; also it provides more information about the characters and lets children play combats, so that it is a more enriching experience.

In November 2013, Panini launched its first sticker collection of “Sendokai Champions” (album + 192 stickers) as well as the official magazine of the series, which is published bimonthly. Also, in November 2014, Panini launched the first Virtual Combat Cards collection with a great success.

Coproduced by Kotoc, TVE y Planeta Junior, “Sendokai Champions” (52×12’) follows the adventures of four boys and girls who most save the Earth from the Evil Zorn Empire. Besides transmitting the values of friendship, heroism and fairplay, the series has a strong emotional component that makes children feel identified with the characters and their storylines.




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