Panrico to launch a promotion with “Sendokai Champions” and Bollycao



Panrico, the Spanish leader company in sliced bread and pastries, associates with “Sendokai Champions” to launch a promotion campaign with the brand product Bollycao. To do so, Panrico has signed an agreement with Enjoy Brand Licensing (property’s subagent for certain categories in Spain) and Nottingham Forest (property’s worldwide agent). The promotion has been developed by Bonus Marketing Productions.

Panrico will launch 6million Bollycaos in the promotion, which will includes in-pack premiums of main characters in order to play Sendokai combats; as well as promotional codes redeemable on the website in order to win Sendokai toys made by Simba.

The promotion will take place between October and November 2014, and the products will be available at major retailers in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

“Sendokai Champions”, coproduced by Kotoc, TVE and Planeta Junior, is one of the most successful animated TV series for kids in Spain. The series (52 episodes of 12 minutes) has been airing on Clan since 2013 and has reached more than 4 million kids. Moreover, it will be present in 2014 in more than 120 countries around the world.

Laura García Ortega, Head of International Sales and Licensing in Nottingham Forest said: “As Bollycao is the pastries brand preferred by children in Spain, and Sendokai Champions is the leader Adventure series in Clan, this partnership will be a guaranteed success.

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