“Sendokai Champions” to premiere its 52 episodes at MIPCOM 2014


Nottingham Forest is attending MIPCOM 2014 with “Sendokai Champions”, sold to more than 130 countries worldwide and coproduced by Kotoc, TVE and Planeta Junior.

In Southern Europe (Spain (Clan), Portugal (Canal Panda) and Italy (Rai Gulp)) and Latin America (Cartoon Network), “Sendokai Champions” is already a hit on children audience, and it will be soon as well in Ex-Yugoslavia territories (soon on Ultra TV channels), Middle East and North Africa (soon on MBC3).

At MIPCOM 2014 we are showing the 52 episodes completed, in order to close new TV deals throughout Europe and America (USA and free TV deals in Latin America) as well as open new markets in Africa and Asia.

Moreover, we are looking for partners that help us to develop new contents for Sendokai Champions (a new season, a movie, etc.) in 2015.

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