Saban Brands Names Nottingham Forest Licensing and Merchandising Agency for Paul Frank Industries in Iberia



Saban Brands has appointed Nottingham Forest as the Licensing, Merchandising and Promotion Agent in Iberia for the worldwide renowned lifestyle brand Paul Frank Industries.

In this partnership, Nottingham Forest will collaborate with Saban Brands to implement a thoughtful licensing strategy including the development and promotion of fashion and lifestyle products for fans of all ages.

Acquired by Saban Brands in 2010, Paul Frank Industries was born in 1995 out of Paul Frank’s garage in a Southern California beach town and it quickly built a cult-like following. Known for its bright colors, quirky humor and unique sensibility as well as its beloved cast of characters, including the iconic Julius the Monkey, Paul Frank Industries is recognized and coveted by fans around the globe. As Director of Creative Development, Paul Frank himself brings authenticity and whole-hearted sincerity to the brand and is taking it back to its roots of handcraft designs while reminding people to “not forget to never grow up!”

We look forward to partnering with L&M experts Nottingham Forest to continue to grow the global Paul Frank brand in Iberia,” said Stan Wan, Lifestyle Managing Director at Saban Brands.

Laura Garcia Ortega, Commercial Director at Nottingham Forest said: “We are delighted to start partner with Saban Brands on the licensing strategy for the iconic Paul Frank brand. It is our favourite Lifestyle brand ever and we are confident local partners would share our taste and we will have Paul Frank fancy products very soon in Spain and Portugal.

Nottingham Forest was also recently announced as Saban Brands’ L&M partner in Iberia for the global, 25-year franchise, Power Rangers.



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