Ben 10 Challenge: The Labyrinth of Aggregor


Client: Cartoon Network
Format: Game Show
Running Time: 50 minutes
Frequency: Weekly
Nº of Programmes: 7 + 1 (final)
Contestants: 4 x 7 = total 28 contestants
Broadcast dates: May – July
Channel: Boing and Cartoon Network
Produced by: Trímboli


There was a dual objective with the second series of Ben 10 Challenge: The Labyrinth of Aggregor – to exceed the viewing figures of the first series and to increase audience numbers for Boing’s cartoon series, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien. Once again, both objectives have been successfully achieved and all this without losing any of the Ben 10 spirit.


The length of the show was increased to 50 minutes, in which the 4 contestants in each show had a new mission – to recover the four parts of the Infinity Map and to stop the evil Aggregor from getting hold of them. To do this, the contestants had to reach the end of the labyrinth and overcome the tests and challenges they came across along the way. They also had to avoid falling into “Agreggor’s Dungeon” where two funny aliens would do everything within their power to make the contestants fail.

The contestants had to pass tests of their knowledge of the series and also of general mental and physical skills. In this way, the four contestants with the best scores would face each other in the final to decide the winner of the new Ben 10 Challenge.

Besides the great prizes, the contestants had a wonderful time taking part in Boing’s most entertaining programme.

The new season started on the 14th May and ended on the 2nd July.


  • The viewing figures for this second edition were even better than for the first, achieving a share of 11.42% with an average number of viewers of 95,000.

  • The show meant that Saturday mornings on Boing achieved their best figures ever and, once more, was among the channel’s most watched shows.

  • For the second consecutive year we had proof of the great reception the cartoon show’s followers gave to the game show, which meant that audience loyalty was strengthened and maintained.