Ben 10 Challenge


Client: Cartoon Network
Genre: Game Show
Running Time: 30 minutes
Frequency: Weekly
Number of Programmes: 10 + 1 (final)
Contestants: 4 x 10
Broadcast: last quarter of 2010 (Oct to Dec)
Channel: Boing
Produced by: Trímboli


The aim of the game show, Ben 10 Challenge, was to create entertaining content related to the TV series Ben 10, broadcast by Boing, and also to maintain the audience off-season, between the end of the second series in September 2010 and the beginning of the third in January 2011. It was not an easy challenge as the channel on which it was to be broadcast hardly had one month of broadcast time under its belt and was not available in all geographical areas.


An entertaining 30-minute game show for all the family was developed, where there was a mixture of tests of mental ability (where the contestants had to demonstrate their knowledge of the original series) and tests of physical skill (where the contestants made the audience laugh with their spontaneity).

The first programme was broadcast in October and the last on the 24th December, with a one-hour special. This programme brought together the contestants who had received the highest marks in the previous episodes. The result was a big winner who, apart from winning impressive prizes, also accompanied Ben 10 on Boing’s float during the 6th January procession through Madrid.


  • The viewing figures achieved from the first episode were very good. For several weeks it was the most watched programme on the channel with between 100,000 and 140,000 viewers.

  • The high point was reached with the long awaited final which had the highest viewing figures in the channel’s history, up to this point, with an audience of 160,000 people.