Create your own Powerpuff Girls Z’ Story


Client: Cartoon Network
Format: Promotional pieces: (tv, press and Internet)
Channel: Boing
Produced for: Evualá


With the common objective of pushing the promo campaign for Powerpuff Girls Z and to reinforce the Christmas sales campaign, we developed a campaign for TV, the internet and the press in tandem.


This initiative allowed girls to create their own episode of the series. The campaign began with the circulation of a magazine dedicated to Ben 10 and Powerpuff Girls Z. Along with the magazine three cards with three scenes from the series were handed out in an offer which was exclusively for girls. They had to exchange cards with their friends until they had created an episode. A code was printed on each card which could be entered on a microsite designed especially for this campaign, which could be accessed via or This site allowed them to get hold of new cards they could not find or exchange the cards they had for others.

This campaign was supported on TV by an advertisement announcing the contest.

The contestants had to keep a close eye on Boing’s schedule as there were daily adverts with the day’s winning episode broadcast for a week.


  • El inicio de esta acción empieza la primera semana de diciembre en la que el canal registra un aumento de la audiencia femenina en un 40%.

  • Más de 1800 usuarios completan su historia ganadora en la web en tan sólo dos semanas.