Sendokai Champions

In “Sendokai Champions” (52×12’), Zak, Cloe, Kiet and Fenzy, four boys and girls not very popular, will have to save the Earth from the evil Zorn Empire; to do this, they will have to train their skills as Sendokai warriors. Sendokai is a new combat method which combines sport and magic.

“Sendokai Champions” is an adventure and comedy animated series with all ingredients to be a success: transmedia/interactive nature, high quality animation, important values as friendship, fairplay, teamwork and heroism, and above all, the potential of its plots and the personalities of its characters with whom kids identify themselves quickly. Personal relationships between them, with friends and their relatives make a difference with other adventure series, giving a strong emotional component to the series that leaves no one indifferent.


Producers: Kotoc, TVE and Planeta Junior
CGI / Full HD
Episodes/ Running time:
Target audience:
kids 6-9
English / Spanish / Portuguese / Brazilian / Neutral Spanish / Italian / Arabic // Total: 19
Current position:
52 episodes completed
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