The Powerpuff Girls Z – Promotion


Client: Cartoon Network
Format: Promotional pieces
Running time: 20 seconds
Channel: Tele 5 and Boing
Produced for: Evualá


The aim of this campaign was to strengthen the female audience of Boing and increase sales of Powerpuff Girls Z toys in the run up to Christmas.


Three 20-second pieces were developed, in which three girls needed the help of one of the Powerpuff Girls Z to see her favourite series. We relate each of the characters with one of the Powerpuff Girls Z, who will then come to her rescue.

The pieces were produced using a mixture of animated and live action, creating a world for the young where girls can turn to their favourite heroines when they need help.


  • These promos were first broadcast in the first week of December after which the channel recorded an immediate increase of 40% in its female audience.