Super 4, PLAYMOBIL animated series at Foster’s Hollywood Restaurants in Spain



The restaurant chain Foster’s Hollywood has launched a food promotion with the Super 4 animation TV series for their children’s menus in Spain.

For the purchase of a children menu, kids receive a personalized cup with the series characters, as well as a Super 4 product to choose from a stationery set, a giant pencil, a diary or a pencil case. This promotion will be in effect until the end of stock in more than 180 restaurants that Foster’s Hollywood has across Spain.

This has been possible thanks to an agreement signed by Nottingham Forest, the licensing agent of Super 4 in Iberia, and Servicola, a global company specialized in promotional marketing at every stage of the process, from the design and personalization to the product manufacturing and development of customer loyalty programs.

Super 4 (2 seasons of 52×12’), produced by Method Animation and morgen studios, is an animation TV series, inspired by PLAYMOBIL, which tells the adventures of four PLAYMOBIL heroes: Alex, Gene, Twinkle and Ruby. In Spain, the series was premiered on Disney Channel on Monday, April the 24th and it is being broadcast also in Canal Panda and TV3.

Laura García Ortega, Commercial Director of Nottingham Forest, says: Super 4 is a wonderful series that was launched on Disney Channel in Spain recently. Agreements like this one with Foster´s Hollywood Restaurants will help us to increase its visibility and to approach its characters to Spanish children.”

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