Super Wings lands in Portugal



Super Wings premieres in Portugal on April, 1st through the kids leading channel Canal Panda. The series will be broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:00 and 18:00.

Following the success achieved in France, Italy and Spain, where Super Wings is one of the strongest and most watched properties, the series arrives in Portugal ready to be one of the big releases this year. Canal Panda is developing an ambitious promotional plan for the premiere that includes on-air promotion, outdoor advertising, a radio campaign, presence in children’s magazines, PR, and a digital campaign, among others.

Super Wings tells the stories of Jett, a jet plane who delivers packages to children around the world in the form of fulfilled dreams. In each episode, Jett travels to a different country and lives great adventures along with the rest of the Super Wings team.

In Spain, the series has reached more than 4 million kids, and more than 11 million views through CLAN’s website and app. CLAN will premiere new episodes next Spring 2017.

Laura García Ortega, Commercial Director of Nottingham Forest (Super Wings’ licensing agent in Iberia): “Super Wings keeps traveling, and this time lands in Portugal. We are sure that the series will be a success there and we are delighted with the great effort that Canal Panda is making with the promotion campaign of the series”

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