Saludes Play develops PLAYMOBIL playgrounds in Spain


Saludes Play, specialized manufacturer of playgrounds and street furniture, is developing PLAYMOBIL playgrounds located throughout the Spanish geography. Cities like Alcora, Castalla, Logroño and Valencia, have already their own PLAYMOBIL playground, and there will be more in the following months.

This is possible thanks to an agreement with Nottingham Forest, the licensing agent of PLAYMOBIL brand in Iberia, with the approval of PLAYMOBIL Iberica.

PLAYMOBIL playgrounds will recreate the most representative scenarios of the brand such as the medieval castle or the pirate ship, creating places where parents and children will be able to share the experience.

PLAYMOBIL Iberica says: “These playgrounds allow both children and adults to enjoy the PLAYMOBIL world. Smiles are shared thanks to a project that allows people feel part of the PLAYMOBIL universe and its play value”.

Meanwhile, Gonzalo Beta-Frigola, Saludes Play Managing Director, adds: “PLAYMOBIL gives us the opportunity to bring the magic of its products to public and private parks for parents and children to play and share the same hobby, creating an added value compared to traditional playgrounds”.

Laura García Ortega, Head of International Sales and Licensing in Nottingham Forest, adds: “With this agreement with Saludes Play we will get to take PLAYMOBIL to the street and to make the brand “playable” in a new way. Spain needed these playgrounds bearing in mind that we are one of the most important markets for PLAYMOBIL worldwide.”