The team

David Pérez Andrés. CEO
Sportsman and a bit of a dreamer, he has traveled and lived in half the world, from Sydney to New York going through Madrid and Buenos Aires. His career started in consulting and investment banking to continue, here in Spain -looking to Latam-, working in publishing and television, whose passionate him alike. Today, at Nottingham Forest, still looks for new products y transmedia business in which to unleash his imagination.

Laura García Ortega. Commercial Director
Laura began her career as an intellectual rights lawyer but she signed up for Television Española because she wanted to be on the other side of the negotiating table. When she came to Nottingham Forest, she knew that she would have the opportunity to work in an area which she loved – the international distribution and managing of licensing rights – but this time from a different angle. Now she could work for the first time on more ambitious audiovisual projects which she could feel like her own. All this without having to give up her favourite hobbies, travel around the world and visit fashion boutiques..:-)

Mónica Salvador Merino. Marketing Consultant
When she was a child, Mónica used to play to imitate TV ads, so she studied Advertising in Segovia. Then, she wanted to try his luck in the “big city”, but she still didn’t know that there were also green forests there… She studied a Marketing Management post degree and she began her internship in Nottingham Forest. From practicing so much, she ended up in the forest, in order to help trees to remain increasingly high and greener.