What is Nottingham Forest?

In a market driven by the convergence of multimedia, Nottingham Forest was created to bring together the different strands of the management of audiovisual property by pushing the brand towards a more global approach to entertainment.

From the perspective of traditional TV, social networks and videogames, Nottingham Forest understands the environment in which the media work and can help the owner to obtain new lines of finance and the advertiser to use new communication strategies and improve the selling process.

Nottingham Forest is an agency that is here to interpret the audiovisual market in the role of creator and as a natural promoter of brands, which uses the content as a way of spreading its values. The company builds audiovisual brands and also helps to expand others and make them more profitable.

  • Helping advertisers

    • Helping advertisers and licence holders to find new ways of executing their commercial strategies in the audiovisual content market, using all the resources the digital world of leisure offers – television, cinema and interactive entertainment.
  • Working closely with the media

    Working closely with the media to explore the different ways in which they can participate, beyond the advertising block.

    • Developing strategies of product creation from the starting point of the rogrammes they broadcast or produce.
    • Maximizing the income they receive from the programmes themselves.
    • Making their assets more profitable, whether they be their international channels, their back catalogue of films, their web portals or mobile services.
  • Managing audiovisual brands

    • Managing audiovisual brands in Spain and abroad, starting from the comprehension of their basic values to design means of presentation to the market and so, being able to position it commercially.